The bwin娱乐下载’s mission is to advance the federal judicial system and promote effective legal practice before the federal courts and federal agencies. To pursue that mission, the association maintains an active presence in the nation’s capital, monitoring and participating in policy-making processes in Congress, the Executive Branch and the federal judiciary.

The bwin娱乐下载’s government relations program is overseen by its Government Relations Committee, comprised of bwin娱乐下载 member volunteers with substantial public policy experience.

The compass of the bwin娱乐下载’s government relations program is its Issues Agenda, a roster of policy priorities to which the association devotes its advocacy resources. The policy priorities embraced by the Issues Agenda are associated with active issues that concern the health and welfare of the federal judicial system and effective federal legal practice.  The issues contained in the Issues Agenda are derived from input from bwin娱乐下载 members, chapters, sections and divisions.

The bwin娱乐下载 is non-partisan in its policies and relationships with lawmakers and other officials. The bwin娱乐下载 does not endorse or contribute to political candidates, nor does it maintain a political action committee. Similarly, the bwin娱乐下载 does not endorse the candidacies of Presidential nominees to the federal bench. The bwin娱乐下载’s nonpartisanship and its emphasis upon issues addressing federal jurisprudence and legal practice contribute to the association’s respect and credibility in the halls of Congress and throughout Washington.


Call for Nominations to the bwin娱乐下载 Issues Agenda

The Federal Bar Association annually updates its Issues Agenda and invites members, chapters, sections and divisions to nominate issues for addition to the Issues Agenda. The deadline for Issues Agenda nominations is Friday, March 25, 2022.

Washington Watch

bwin娱乐下载 advocacy efforts written by Bruce Moyer for the bwin娱乐下载 blog.