With Bruce Moyer’s retirement as the bwin娱乐下载’s government relations counsel, this is our first opportunity as his successor to write this column. 的尊重, we recommended retiring the title “Washington Watch” and thus welcome you to the inaugural “Beltway Bulletin.”

We at Arent Fox LLP are honored to have been selected by the bwin娱乐下载 to advocate for its priorities be-fore Congress and the Executive Branch, maintaining the organization’s historic nonpartisan approach but also ensuring that the bwin娱乐下载 has a seat at the table when issues important to you, 它的成员, 决定.

bwin中文下载的Arent Fox团队是一个多元化的团队, 两党, 以及前公务员的两院制组合, and we are united in our passion for the bwin娱乐下载’s policy priorities. 该组织包括两名前美国官员.S. 阿拉巴马州民主党参议员道格·琼斯(Doug Jones).拜伦·多根,D-N.D.他是前美国总统.S. 国会议员菲尔·英格利希,宾夕法尼亚州共和党人. bwin中文下载注意到Sen. 琼斯曾担任U。.S. attorney in Alabama be-fore his election to the Senate, 也是你忠实的书记员之一, 有娘娘腔的杰克逊, 是他的顾问和国家安全顾问吗. Jackson’s co-author, 丹Renberg, served on the staff of Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. They are joined by other former congressional staff members; a former District of Columbia city councilman; and Terree Bowers, 另一位前你.S. 阿伦特福克斯洛杉矶办事处的律师.

在一起, we will be the bwin娱乐下载’s eyes and ears inside the Beltway, advising and helping to fashion policy proposals. 即使在极速时代, we will help the bwin娱乐下载 expand its relationships in policy circles and respond nimbly as challenges arise.

The Supreme Court’s 2021-2022 term begins October 4, and this year’s docket promises several head-line-grabbing decisions on controversial issues of general public interest, 包括死刑, 堕胎, 宪法第二修正案, and the use of public funding for religious schools.

有三点值得注意 美国告. Tsarnaev, the government’s appeal of the First Circuit decision vacating the death sentences imposed on convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; 多布斯v. 杰克逊妇女健康组织, a constitutional challenge to a Mississippi statute prohibiting all pre-viability elective 堕胎s; and 卡森v. 马金, equal protection and religious clause challenges to a Maine prohibition on using state student-aid funds at sectarian schools.

In addition, the following cases should prove particularly interesting to federal practitioners:

  • CVS药店,公司. v. 美国能源部—This is a disparate impact disability discrimination case in which plaintiffs claim defendant pharmacy benefits managers’ (PBMs’) requirements for obtaining specialty medicines violate Section 504 of the Re-habilitation Act and, 通过扩展, 《bwin中文下载》. The PBMs and amici argue that allowing such claims will lead to “run-away prescription drug costs … higher premiums” and ultimately the end of all prescription drug benefits.
  • 卡明斯v. 凯勒,P.L.L.C.—Cummings contends that her physical therapy provider’s refusal to provide an American Sign Language interpreter entitles her to emotional distress damages under Title VI and related statutes. 第五巡回上诉法院确认驳回上诉, despite an Eleventh Circuit ruling that such damages are available. The solicitor general supported the petition for certiorari.
  • Badgerow v. 沃尔特斯—The petitioner filed an action in Louisiana state court to vacate a FINRA arbitration award, 哪些被告被移送联邦法院. 使用Vaden v. 发现银行透视分析, the district court denied Badgerow’s motion to remand, finding that the underlying dispute could have been brought originally in federal court. 巴德杰罗要求最高法院仔细阅读瓦登, arguing that because she seeks to vacate only the part of the arbitration award based on her state law claims, the federal court does not have subject matter jurisdiction.

最后, 目前还不清楚史蒂芬·布雷耶法官是否, 谁在8月就满83岁了, 本学期将退休. To do so would afford President Biden an opportunity to replace him before the 2022 mid-term elections, which could alter the balance of power in the Senate. 然而, 他在7月接受CNN采访时说, Justice Breyer declared he was feeling no pressure to step down.


A former senior Senate staff member and presidential appointee, 丹Renberg has helped numerous clients since joining Arent Fox as a partner in 2003. 被公认为顶级的联邦说客, one of Renberg’s advocacy efforts was included as one of the “Top 10 Lobbying Triumphs of 2009” by 山上自2014年以来,他每年都在公司上市 美国最好的律师. 在加入Arent Fox之前, 有娘娘腔的杰克逊 served as counsel and national security adviser to Sen. 道格•琼斯D-Ala. Jackson also has extensive experience in the private practice of law, 处理白领, 虚假申报法》, 大陪审团的调查, 及商业物业税申诉事项. 她曾代表跨国公司, 小如何, and individuals in high-stakes civil and criminal litigation.


成立于1920年, the Federal Bar Association is dedicated to the advancement of the science of jurisprudence and to promoting the welfare, 利益, 教育, and professional development of all attorneys involved in federal law. bwin中文下载超过16个,000 members run the gamut of federal practice: attorneys practicing in small to large legal firms, 公司和联邦机构的律师, 还有司法部门的成员. The bwin娱乐下载 is the catalyst for communication between the bar and the bench, 以及私人和公共部门. 访问bwin中文下载在fedbar.Org以了解更多.